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What Is The Ideal Car Wash Location?

When it comes to starting a new car wash, choosing the right location is one of the most important early decisions you can make. Some factors to consider include:

Traffic Count – A count of 1,000-3,000+ drivebys is desirable, but a lower traffic site may still succeed.

Site Accessibility – A site should be highly accessible and visible from the street. Corner lots, access from both sides of the street, multiple driveways, and separate entrances and exits all make a site more accessible.

Demographics – Being in a growing community, near a residential area (apartment complexes and housing developments), and surrounded by other convenience businesses is ideal.

Diverse Climate – Some of the busiest car washes are in regions where the weather frequently changes. Adverse weather conditions, especially snow, boost business considerably.

Zoning Laws – Local zoning laws should be checked when choosing a site.

Competition – Nearby competition should be at least one to two miles away for a heavily populated area, and farther in spots that are more rural.

Access to Utilities – Availability of electrical, gas, and sewer services should be considered.