The “Cadillac” of the self-serve space.

The JetStream™ was designed to provide the best self-serve available to those who need to conserve space. You may require a smaller footprint, but that doesn’t mean your customers deserve anything less than the best.


A full washing menu.

Confront any washing challenge with our 3HP washing motors, triple foam system, low- or medium-pressure spot-free rinse, low-pressure wax, and more.


Less worry, more washing.

Our onboard XPert™ allows you to remotely monitor your system and sales.


Put to the test.

While the JetStream™ utilizes a more compact design, you can still count on our solid aluminum construction designed to expand from two to eight bays. It is built to last.


Everything you need, right where you need it.

This is a totally self-contained system, pre-plumbed and pre-wired for quick installation and easy access to chemicals.


Improved electrical access with an eye for safety.

Access the JetStream™ via a finger-safe control panel with circuit breaker protection. You won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of fuses.


Runs everywhere, even in the coldest of climates.

Enjoy peace of mind with our freeze prevention system, allowing you to keep running no matter how cold it gets.

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Standard Features


3HP motors

General pumps

High- & low-pressure gauges

Stainless steel construction

Totally self-contained

Single V-belt & pulley

Stainless steel belt guards

Easy access to chemicals

System lettering & graphic decaling

Low-voltage electric panels

Removable pump assembly

Brass regulators

Flexblend Direct injection chemical system

Pre-wired & plumbed

Optional Features

5HP motors

Bay function indicators

Flex motion casters

Space saver frame

Coin counter

Onboard spot-free production

RGB bay lights

Bug remover

Spot-free rinse, low or medium pressure

Triple foam brush & conditioner

Promotional timer

Weep water saver

Low-pressure wax

Bulk chemical storage system

Credit card acceptance

Bill Validators

Marine flush


In-Bay dryers

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