The Oasis story begins over 50 years ago, when Jerry Wade and Phil Geisler started Wadler Manufacturing. Wadler produced agricultural farm equipment that quickly became an industry standard in terms of innovation. Wadler’s famous kelly green cattle shutes are still familiar sights in pastures throughout the Midwest.

In the late 1970s, as automobile companies began to build smaller vehicles, car wash manufacturers struggled to adapt to the changing face of the industry. Wadler recognized a need and began to branch out from the agricultural industry, devoting research and development to a new breed of automatic car wash.

Oasis Car Wash Systems was created as a division of Wadler and introduced its first car wash, the Adjust-O-Matic, in 1985. This predecessor to today’s Typhoon™ was the industry’s first fully adjusting, in-bay touchless automatic, and set a standard of speed, quality, and efficiency held by Oasis’ technology to this day

Oasis’ family tradition of quality and service is kept alive by three of Jerry Wade’s four sons: Stephen, President; Curtis, Vice-President; and Troy, director of Marketing; along with Oasis’ outstanding staff of employees. Mitch Wade, prior to his death in 2014, served for many years as Vice-President of Sales.

Oasis has more than 45 years experience in engineering, designing, and building the best equipment available. We also boast outstanding personnel able to offer the greatest customer service to our clients. We’ve been producing automatics longer than any other manufacturer and will continue to stay ahead of the competition through our reliable, profitable products.

As Oasis President Stephen Wade puts it,

“Overall, our goal is to provide the highest quality line of high-pressure automatic and self-serve equipment, the lowest maintenance and operating costs, and the highest profits for each new car wash owner.”