Specifically engineered to increase owner revenues.

The Eclipse™ by Oasis offers a new generation of car wash in a class all its own. Not just an in-bay automatic and not just an express tunnel. This revolutionary new product successfully combines them both but without the hassles of a conveyor.


Get exactly the Eclipse™ you need.

The power of the Eclipse™ is not exclusive to just one type of washing bay. This powerful system can be adapted to both touch-free and soft-touch systems.


Designed for maximum throughput.

Washing and drying at a rate of up to 40 cars per hour, the Eclipse™ applies chemicals and washes five sides of the vehicle simultaneously. While one vehicle is washed, another can dry in a separate drying bay.


Better cleaning ensures customer loyalty.

The Eclipse™ utilizes a highly efficient chemical delivery system, along with maximum water impingement, that provides optimum wash results. To further enhance cleaning, computer-controlled on-board rocker panel blasters and underbody washers are included as standard equipment.


Providing the geographical flexibility your system requires.

The Eclipse™ smart technology carefully determines the length and width of each vehicle. This feature grants the versatility to wash anything from small cars to the longest double-cab pickups, even dually trucks. Its great functionality also permits the selection of wash cycles just right for each location.


Less downtime equals more profit.

When investing in equipment, long-term reliability is crucial. That’s why our hydraulically-powered Eclipse™ gear drive system comes with a 5-YEAR WARRANTY – a feature unmatched in the industry. The simple design of the Eclipse™ allows for minimal moving components, which adds to its reliability and longevity.


Make the right first impression.

Our customer-friendly open design makes it easier to enter and exit the wash bay, increasing throughput and emphasizing visual aesthetics. The wall-mounted frame and elevated carriage system help protect the unit from strike damage as well as chemicals and grime.


Use less, spend less.

Every Eclipse™ system comes with a standard Eco-Wash environmentally friendly package, lowering operation costs by reducing water and utility requirements. Lacking a conveyor belt also means the Eclipse™ uses less energy to operate and, therefore, provides another eco-friendly feature. We also offer an advanced water reclamation system to conserve water usage and reduce discharge in order to meet standards and regulations in your location.


Meet Onboard XPert™

Oasis’ onboard XPert™ monitors the entire system as well as the customer, and keeps you informed of unusual events. XPert™ is not only your troubleshooting consultant – it can act as a service worker as well.


Unattended operation 24/7.

Having no conveyor means having no conveyor to repair. The Eclipse™ allows for unattended operation 24/7. Less work for the owner, lower labor costs, and no need for costly repairs make the Eclipse™ by Oasis the most cost-effective car wash on the market today.


Wash and dry two cars simultaneously.

After completing a wash cycle, vehicle measurements transfer to a fully integrated smart dryer. High-velocity airflow from multiple turbines ensures quick and complete water removal.

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Financing Options


Enjoy the functionality of a Tunnel Wash Controller by allowing your customers to upgrade their wash package with any additional wash functions they may wish to purchase, giving them complete customization of their wash. The system places all purchased upgrades in their proper wash cycle position automatically.


Triple foam shine

Two-step presoak

Touchfree wheel & tire cleaner

Bug & bumper blasters

Bug removal

High-pressure detergent

Low-pressure wax

Drying agent

Heated presoak

Freeze prevention package

Oasiswatch communication package

Entry tellers & POS system

LED instructional sign packages

Lighted menu boards

Floor mount

Spot-free rinse systems

Water reclamation systems

Water softeners

92” extended height version


Carpet shampooers

Fragrance dispensers

Bill changers

Product vendors

LED lighted wands

Zero-degree oscillating nozzles

RGB bay lights

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